Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another week here in 평택... Or I guess for those who can't read Korean, that's PyeongTaek

So ya, what's going on!? It is such an awesome day to be emailing once again (I thoroughly enjoy email can't you tell?) AND I was totally going to send some pictures this week but for some stupid reason my card reader that I am using does not read my card........)

So yes, it was another fun week here in the MISSION FIELD! I thoroughly have been enjoying things and it is just a wonderful time here. I however had a pretty rough week as far as appointments and investigators and stuff goes but because it is in the mission field I guess it's ok! So ya!

So I don't have a lot of stories this week because well we didn't get to do a whole lot of teaching this week. We were constantly out trying to find people but it yeilded little to no results. Met some way cool people and all but as far as actually getting the work moving here this week it has been kinda hard. People didn't answer phone calls and were busy and all so it has been sort of difficult. But anywho, ya!

My week was actually spent a lot of time out of my area. On Monday I went to 대전 [Daejeon] and fixed Sister Furniss's computer, Tuesday went to 수원 [Suwon] for a meeting and then on Wednesday I went to 안성 for a split. SO I didn't actually get back to my area and be able to work till Thursday! SO ya. It has been a busy week as far as travel goes and in all the meetings and stuff I learned quite a bit that I will try and apply in missionary work over the next bit.

SO yes. Recently I read in Alma 32 about faith and I LOVED it. Those verses from verse 27 on have been a comfort to me on SO many different days and it's weird how it constantly seems to come like when I need it the most! So I would encourage you all to read Alma 32 soon and I know that it can be a help in your lives like it has been in mine.

I love ya'll so much, so this letter is short this week was just WAHHH. Hope you have an awesome upcoming week and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Elder Josh

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