Monday, March 12, 2012

Hum..... revival?

Well, hello this week! It has been a wild ride to say the least and I can't tell you how crazy it has been. I have been on all sorts of ups and downs of late so I guess I will tell you about them!

This week started off well. Me and Elder Scoville talked on Tuesday and got stuff straightened out. We are still working out the logistics but besides that life is still pretty much the same (only BETTER because we got the spirit back in our companionship). It was awesome.

We were working really good and all this week and then Elder Scoville got SICK! AHhhhh!!! Noooo!!!! SO long story short, I spent a LOT of time on the phone calling through the old investigators who we have (one of whom we are meeting tonight!) It was a fun old time though.

So we have been trying to teach all of our investigators this week really well and it started off great! We had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators and he felt and recognized the spirit and everything, it was AWESOME! But later that week as we tried to get in contact with him to meet again we couldn't.... so we got in contact with one of his friends and apparently the two of them heard bad things about our church from one of their friends and don't want to meet. The one who had the awesome lesson has blocked us and we aren't 100% sure that we will ever be able to contact him again... so we are a little nervous. Then to add on top of all of that we aren't able to meet with like any of our investigators for some reason. They all just won't respond to our messages or are too busy to meet. SO we tried to work with our ward and get some people from them to teach but we haven't been able to. It's been really frustrating.

But there were 2 really cool miracles this week.

1) We met with this new investigator named Zachary. He is a referral from one of the 2 military branches that we cover and he is sooooooo cool! He is so willing and awesome I loved meeting with him. He's way cool!

2) On Sunday we went to church and all and we were just doing stuff and I had to go to the bathroom. So I went in there and I'm standing at the urinal and our Bishop walks in and uses the stall next to me. We start talking a bit (this isn't weird, just deal with it, it's either detailed or its not :)) and he is like "Hey, will you and Elder Scoville come to my office real quick?" So I said sure (finished my business) and went and got Elder Scoville. As we were meeting with the bishop he said that he had been to the temple on Saturday and had been doing a lot of thinking about Missionary Work! (which is oddly coincidental because me and Elder Scoville were really frustrated with how to get to work with our ward better on Saturday). He said that while he was in the temple that he felt like the agenda (I can't remember the exact translation of the word he used but that's about it) of the missionaries and the agenda of the ward and the agenda of the mission leader, were 3 different things. And we need to make them 1! SO we were way stoked because we hadn't seen this fire out of him since I've been here! SO it was way WAY cool. He told us that over the next 3 weeks that he would be interviewing all of the members of the ward making sure that they understand that they have a duty to do missionary work and setting individual goals with EACH of them to see to it that we get 소개's from ALL of them.

Needless to say I'm excited.

He gave us some other requests that we are working on so far this week and it has been cool! I have a feeling that the sun may be beginning to peak over the mountains as far as missionary work in this area goes. It has a BRIGHT future if that is the attitude the Bishop has!

And the reason that I called this email Revival is because on Sunday is when all this good happened!

So ya!

That is so exciting to hear about everything that is going on at home! I saw Katie Gallagher is off her mission! That is weird..... really weird..... but ya! Mom/Dad are in better shape than Jenna/Kellie......that is kind of shocking..... JENNA AND KELLIE YOU GOTTA REPRESENT!!!  I CAN'T BE THERE TO KICK THEIR BOOTYS YOU'VE GOT TO DO IT!

Glad to hear that Alissa is beasting it on the cello! If you want to have a really cool thing to play together (Mom/Alissa or I guess also Kellie/(Mom/Alissa) you should do John Schmidts Love Story meets Viva la Vida together! That'd be way cool!) Also, Alissa is our athletics boss right now eh? Glad to hear it! Keep killing them sissa!

Katie bug is a trumpeter eh? Well, good for her! That is so exciting that she is going to be a marcher! Just like her Mom! That is fun.

I have not gotten anything as far as the mail goes of late and I think it might be because the mission office is either A) on strike or B) doing something different with mail or C) just hasn't gotten anything yet. I was really depressed/surprised this week because NO ONE in our 4 man  house got mail after Tuesday. SO we were confused. Like all of us......

Now I do have to say sorry for the pictures. I bought a new SD card for my camera and I don't think the card reader can read it (something about the SDHC internal electronics being different or something). I am going to nab Elder Jolley's cable tonight and I will send you some pics around 5 o'clockish here. I PROMISE we already made plans!

The language is going well. I remember that you had asked about that and ya.... It is going well. Korean is hard. Like REALLY hard. Because there is a million ways to say the same thing.... and then you have to adjust to all the regional stuff... and ya.......... Long story short, there is a reason why it is considered the hardest language in the world.... PLUS the pronunciation is ridiculous. It blows my mind to say the least but ya! It is coming along, slowly but surely. I really have been blessed with a gift because it is coming really REALLY fast (there is just an infinite well of things to still get./.......). But ya! Keep praying for me I need all the help I can get!

I love ya'll so much and I gotta say I am looking forward to hearing from ya soon! I love serving as a missionary, every day brings it's own set of adventures and trials but every day is so rewarding!

Love ya'll so much!
Elder Josh

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