Sunday, October 28, 2012

hello family

Dear Family!!

Well, hello there familia! This is Elder Josh and it is quite an interesting week/day already. So I just got off the phone with my dear friend Dustin [Chung]. Ya, I got permission and all and he's doing so good. Dang it was really interesting. He speaks Korean and I understand it this time. It is really different! But crazy and really fun. It was great. We will keep in touch and see if we can't meet up with him (and his grandparents ㅋㅋ sometime)

So me and elder 조광진 are just absolutely going to tear it up here in 전주. I love it here. It's an awesome ward and when we got here the first thing that we got to see was a member baptize one of his daughters. It was so awesome to see a soft-hearted father get up there and sing a song to his daughter. He was all choking up and stuff and it was a really cool experience. The church is so awesome.

So my companion Elder 조 is absolutely a stud. He just got out of military service before he got trained by Elder Jolley. He is a super star. Works hard, is patient with me as I try to learn this difficult language and try to figure out how to do this senior stuff and best of all, I am his second companion (I'm not training this transfer). It is great.

전주 is so cool! The church is huge here - has an indoor basketball court and everything. Love it. It reminds me a lot of the 첨단 church but bigger which is a ton of fun. The ward here is hilarious and the work here is going pretty good. The members seem like they have a ton of interest which helps a lot and we are always welcome at the members houses to eat and talk which is great because 전라도 food is the best. 

We did get to meet with two of our 구도자 this week and they are so cool. One of them is an absolute stud at English and he has a baptismal date for 11/11. Hopefully we will be able to stick him to that. He wasn't able to come to church this week however because of army recruiting things but he should be able to come next week and then from then on as far as I am concerned.

The other guy that we got to meet with has been meeting with the missionaries for a little bit. He attends the 장로 교회 and he is a way cool guy. But I think that was one of the coolest lessons that I have had because we just went off. He was asking all these things and he had all these doubts about the Book of Mormon and stuff because of what he has been taught to believe in his church. But I was able to use just about everything that I have learned from reading the Jesus the Christ book in like one sitting. We answered all his doubts and stuff like that and pinned it all on his faith. He blatantly told us that he is excited to meet with us more. 

Overall the new area is great. I pray every day for guidance and things are just seeming to fall together. It is great. I love it. I love the gospel and the peace that it brings. I love the Holy Ghost and how through just little things he guides us every day. It's so cool. I pray that I will be able to see success here in this area and to help people to come unto the gospel. I love the mission! Gah it's so cool.

So lately the words just kinda fall out of my mouth (in Korean) and my language is getting kinda sloppy. So please pray for me. Need some help. I'm praying for it too and trying to slow down a little bit to help things get better but it's hard to slow down your speaking once it gets comfortable. Gah. There was a point not too long ago that it was awesome. I could say what I want, it came out pretty fluently and ya. SO, let's try to get back to that.

So love ya'll tons! Hope ya'll have a good week. Enjoy some of the pictures!


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