Sunday, October 14, 2012

내가 진짜 좋다 (I'm real good)

Wow, well hello there family. How ya'll doing? I attached some pictures for ya'll to see! I wore my new suit for the first time at conference and I have got to say it was absolutely a 대박 week. We were pretty busy during the actual week itself and then the weekend came. It was so awesome. We got to watch conference! AHHHHHH.

I have to apologize to all of you because I don't think God made conference for anyone but me this time around. Every single talk addressed something that I was looking for and I don't know if anyone else got the things they needed! It was truly awesome. I loved Elder Holland's talk, I think I always do. But especially this time around. He is just kinda my motivational style, up in your face, loud, direct, no messing around. It got me thinking again about obedience and gave me a renewed surge to try and be more and more obedient to what God wants me to be doing as a missionary. I also Like Elder Nelsons talk where he addressed the world "Talk to the missionaries." It was funny when I was in the MTC he came and visited us and his granddaughter was there. And he called her and a couple other missionaries up and was talking to all of them and he shook a bunch of their hands and then he all of a sudden goes and just gives her a huge hug.... Like I swear everyone in the audience was just like "I thought that wasn't allowed!!!!!!!!" I remember thinking: "Well he's a general authority I guess he can do what he wants...?" Then he tells everyone that this is his granddaughter and we were all like "Wahh!!" It was way funny. 

As I listened to conference I kinda caught onto a theme in the conference. Almost every single speaker made specific mention to how through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can be forgiven. It was really a cool thing for me because I, being a very self critical person, needed that a lot. I do want to testify to all of you that the Atonement is real. I have felt that power in a way I can not even begin to describe. To feel the weight of sin LITERALLY lifted off of your soul is the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. That is not an excuse to sin, but it truly is a blessing for if we slip up on the way up the "heavenly highway"

I really loved that Conference a LOT. It really was a blessing to me to hear the words of our inspired leaders. I truly want to be so much better, gah if I could have faith like them that'd be so cool.

It is weird, transfer week is almost here and I am not that busy. I study Korean during the day. Training when I need to and ya. I am going to go into overdrive this week so that I can get Elder Palmer 150% trained. I am excited for this next week I gotta say. It's gonna be busy come the weekend. Wah, gonna be busy.

I did however get permission to try and vote. So I registered to vote online I'm gonna vote! Haha. 

So good to see all the pictures you sent. I like getting pictures from home. It's fun to see what you are all doing and brag to everyone about my family. Ya'll are the best and you're worth bragging about. So I'm gonna do it!

I love ya'll tons. Hope you know that. So good to hear from ya and see your smiling faces. One of these days I'm gonna get to see ya'll in person and that'll be awesome! It's crazy. I'm kinda an old missionary. I don't feel like it.... But I am... But then I think about like Chase... He's ancient. Weird.

Anywho, remember that I love ya'll and that I keep you in my prayers always. 

Elder Josh

(P.s. I attached one of my "manuals" ya'll could come and do the Financial Secretary job if you'd like!)

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