Sunday, October 7, 2012

네가 연차 대회를 보고 싶다!

Well, hello there Family! It has been a pretty good week here in the 대전 선교부. I had a pretty good week. And a really good fast sunday which was nice. But ya lets see.... what's went on this week.,......

Ah, so I managed to find a way to keep myself busy all week which was nice (thanks for the prayers mom :)) and it was a pretty good workweek. I got a nice training built for Elder Palmer that will help him out as he adjusts to the Financial Secretary Job (which is coming along alright!!). It has been an absolute wild week. With these "non-busy" weeks (basically any week that I am not preparing for ZLC, incoming Missionaries, outgoing missionaries, etc) I have got to find projects. Lately I have been working on some stuff that president has asked me to find/make for him and that is coming along nicely. I also got a chance to go through the SMMR computer and kind of clean up some stuff. Then I also decided that I am not much of a trainer in words (because things to me just make sense) but that I can pretty effectively make Manuals. So I have been doing that for both the SMMR and Financial Secretary Jobs of late. It has been pretty good experience and I can usually just refer any questions that I get to the Manual because I already wrote it down with diagrams and screenshots and everything... (maybe I'll send you one to just give you an idea of what I do)

This week was also nice because we were able to find 2 investigators this week. One of them is a college student but he changed his job schedule late this week and said that meeting in the future would be hard, but it's okay because we have some other possibilities that are pretty good! The next guy is a man who lives ni a city called 옥천. It's about one hour from 대전 and we can just take a bus there. He is learning english for this test called the OPIC (An oral profficiency test) and I have am drilling him like Dad drilled me in Basketball. He has a sample test book and I basically just make him do each of the sections of the test to me each time we meet. I may not be much of a Grammar teacher but I can Coach. And so I'm just making him do that over and over. He however as an investigator is going to be a little tough. Kinda stubborn because he has done a lot of study and so even though he reads the 몰몬경 he doesn't get anything out of it, He doesn't even remember it. Kinda difficult but me and Elder 구 are working on it. He's a good guy and he's way honest which are two good qualities and we hopefully while we meet with him we will be able to help him out.

So this week we really kinda buckled down toward the end of the week and just worked. It was really good, it was fun and ya. I liked it. But ya it was just a good week. I really did have a happy good week.

SO, I have heard so much about conference and it kills me because I like the only one in the mission in a position to get on conference, but I can't. I have to wait a week till the rebroadcast here..... It kills me... The link is right there..... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I never thought I would come to like General Conference quite as much as I do now. I love it. I absolutely crave it. It's the best! But we don't get sacrament meeting which is hard (I absolutely love sacrament meeting and getting to partake of the sacrament too) but I guess hearing from the Prophet is a good enough reason :)

But ya, so exciting to hear that Jenna made cross country state!!! That's awesome! I hope you kick some trash Jenna. Start off strong and finish the season on top 'aight? Make your brother proud! (Already am :))

Well, I love you all so much. I hope you know that this church is true. I hope you know Christ lives. I have had a really REALLy good time lately reading Jesus the Christ. It is interesting to see how your thought process changes when you wanna be like Christ. I love having the moments where i remember things that Christ said or did while he was here and how I can do similar. It is cool. Christ lives, I hope ya'll know that. His Atonement is real. I testify to that. The Atonement is truly real, it heals us and makes us better. It makes us better than we could ever possibly imagine. We just have to be willing to let Christ do that to us. I am trying every day, it's hard, but it is so cool to see when Christ begins to have an influence on your life. I hope I get to have more of that experience and that you all too will get that experience.

Love you again, take care, have an AWESOME week

Elder josh!

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