Sunday, December 2, 2012

Another week in 전주 [Jeonju] plus this week it is TRANSFER CALLS

Well, hello there family it has been a fun week here in 전주 [Jeonju] serving in this threesome with Elder 황 and Elder Benson. It has been an interesting week culminating with fast Sunday yesterday and just another fast Sunday miracle (cause for some reason Miracles ALWAYS, without exception, happen on fast Sunday).

SO I'll tell you about our miracle. First 3 of our investigators came to church this week! It was so cool we have been working really hard with a couple people and hopefully they will make the commimtent soon to come out. But three people did come and we had a chance to do a member split and talk with them. Me and Elder Benson went together and talked with one of our investigators and then Elder 황 went with our ward mission leader to talk with the other one. The spirit was so strong in our meeting it was awesome. I could feel that the spirit was in the room and Elder Benson (he hasn't been on his mission very long so still working on the language) said that he could feel it too. Also our member that was present said that he felt it and I talked with the investigator later that day and he said he really could feel something.

Long story short that was really cool, but that wasn't the miracle.

The miracle happened with Elder 황 who went and taught one of the part-member families in our ward who's husband has been one of my investigators. The Ward Mission Leader has been taking the lead in teaching him (because of the Korean culture he doesn't feel like he needs to listen to 20 year old's even though we are called of God...?) but ya. So he has been coming to church for a while and this week they decided that it was time to get baptized. So they set up a date for next week and that is looking like it is going to go through! It's a father and his daughter which is way cool! We just have to really diligently follow up with the father this week to see to it that he can quit smoking.

Pray for him please (His name is Brother Song).

Anyway the other interesting thing is the phone call that I got this morning from President Furniss. As I mentioned in the Title of the Email today is Transfer Calls. And I got some responsibility thrown on my shoulders. President asked me to train a new missionary... and he also asked me to be the district leader here in this district. So it is going to be an interesting time to have to try and help a new missionary learn how to do missionary work and then also to try and help this district to be successful. WOW... prayers would be much appreciated

But ya it is really cool. I am going District Leader here and Elder 황 is going Zone Leader of the 전주 [Jeanju] zone. So the two of us will be in the same house which is fun. 

Also just to add a fun little thing. Elder 조 my companion before the emergency transfer is going senior and he will be serving with Elder Benson (Elder 황's trainee). So it will be really good. Elder 조 will do great I think. He's a stud and helped me to stay on top of things. Wahhh!!! I'm excited.

Anyway I just wanted to let ya'll know the same testimony that I shared yesterday with our invesigator (and cooly enough the same testimony that Jenna shared in her Email to me today!)

I know that God lives. I know it. He has established a plan for us to be happy. Sometimes it is really hard to do everything that we have to do to be succesful in this plan. Sometimes God asks us to stretch and to do more than we think we can. But he's there every step of the way. And all we gotta do is reach out for His help. All we gotta do is look for it. He's there, he's promised us help. He said: "Ask and ye shall receive" go read the scriptures and see how much you find that phrase. You think God is kidding? He loves us and he's gonna help us whenever/whatever/however. 

Love ya'll tons, I am loving the Christmas package. I am thoroughly enjoying the letter a day thing (you have no idea). I thank all those who wrote to me. It means a lot :) I love ya'll and hope you are all doing awesome!

Take care have a great week.


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