Sunday, December 16, 2012

This was a good week filled with Miracles!

Dear Familia!!!
안녕하세요!!! 장 지내시죠? 제가 여러분들을 너무 사랑해요!!! [Hello!  How are you?  I love you too!!!]
Anyway this week was awesome! We just worked hard all week. It started off with District Meeting on Tuesday which was absolutely awesome. I prepared pretty hard in advance to make sure that all of everything just went the way that I wanted it all to go! And it just was good. We had the spirit with us as I was able to talk about focusing our purpose on that of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only do we share it but as President was telling me this morning in our District Leader Training call we have to be living that as well. Continuing to have faith to exercise it to repent, although we can only be baptized once we can partake of the sacrament receive the holy ghost and then to continue to endure to the end. I know pretty simple to say but truly as we live it I know that we will see huge blessings. That's how it has been for me in missionary work and it has been the best!
Wednesday we saw a huge miracle in working all day then just before we were about to go in we decided to go visit a former investigator and they were totally willing to listen and invited us in and they actually both became investigators. They also introduced us to their son who is currently living in America and I got to call and talk to him and refer him to the missionaries in that area! It was pretty sweet
SO ya then we went ahead and went to the Christmas Party on Thursday. We all went up to 대전 [Daejeon] and had a big old massive party! It was the best. I had a great time. It does help that I am in the older part of the mission these days so I have a lot of people that I enjoy hanging out with and talking to... although I am starting to realize that I am more close with the Koreans than the Americans.... weird.... anyway! Ya that was fun, we actually got to watch a movie (Madagascar 3) and I laughed so much. It was hilarious, I forgot just how funny movies can be, haha. But ya then after that we had a sweet devotional where we got to think about Jesus Christ and it was just awesome.
Then to go ahead and finish off the week we had a baptism on Sunday. Brother 송 and his daughter were both baptized and next week they will be confirmed. I am way excited for them, they need this gospel so much and it is just bringing their family together. Although I didn't do any of the teaching (like literally all I did was follow up over the phone and at church) but it was still sweet to see the members take this one on their shoulders and get him and her baptized. Our ward mission leader baptized them and it was awesome!
All in all things are going well. I am having a good time training Elder Miller. I am learning a lot and discovering that as I train him on the things that he needs to learn that I am retraining myself to become a better missionary.
It has just been a really good experience. I hope ya'll know that I love you all. I sent an email to Mom about the Skype next week and I will send you a quick one next week just to make sure that all the details are confirmed and then we will go ahead and talk to you on Christmas Eve!
Love ya'll!!!!! Looking forward to next week!
크라우더 장로!!!

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