Sunday, December 30, 2012

Well hello family! It was a very merry Christmas Week

Well, hello everyone! How are you all doing this week?? I can imagine that things have got to be pretty crazy at home for all of you and I wish that I could be there to be with ya!
This week was a pretty busy week but didn't quite give us all of the results that we wanted to see. But all in all it was a pretty dang good week! We were able to set a baptismal date with one of our investigators for the 27th of January and I am way excited for that. He is progressing well and we finally pinned him to start working for a date. We've talked about Baptism quite a bit but he always was like "I have to think about it..." so this week we were a little more looking to help him overcome his "I will think about it" attitude and pinned a date on him and gave him the steps to start to come to know this is true (he already knew them all but ya we reviewed).
We also had a pretty large miracle in that one of our awesomest investigators (our Chinese super atheist). He was able to come to church this week! And he did!!!! It was awesome. I really enjoyed having him there and I translated the meetings for him into English. However, his gospel understanding is still getting there so I am working with one of the members in our ward to get the meeting translated for him into Chinese. It will be pretty good. I did get him a Gospel Principles Manual in Chinese so he's in pretty good shape as far as it goes for understanding the doctrine. We did also work with him this week to help him recognize the spirit this week and it was a pretty good!
So in other news I just got a fun phone call in the which my stress level went up a LOT. President Furniss will be coming to my district meeting tomorrow!!! I'm nervous haha. But ya. I've thought about what I am going to talk about but haven't quite got it all the way figured out yet. However, I am confident that it'll be a good meeting!
Let's see what else..... I talked to ya'll over the phone like a week ago so I don't know exactly what else I need to tell ya.......!!!
Although I will tell you about our investigator that has a baptismal date and something that he said that I thought was really cool. We have been meeting with him for a while and we were teaching him the Gospel of Jesus Christ last week. When we got to the Gift of the Holy Ghost I made sure that we really went over what it feels like. We shared the scipture Moroni 7:13, 16-17 and then talked a little bit about recognizing the spirit. We asked him if he thought that the things we were teaching him were good or not. He said: "ya I think they are good, the things that you teach are things that help me to be just a better version of myself." I thought about just the things that I have experienced and it's so true. The reason why the things that we live are hard is because they invite us to do exactly that. They invite us to be our BEST selves. No settling for less (만족하면 안되지!!!!) always trying to be our best.
I really thought that was a true statement and I just love knowing that as I try to live the gospel, although I am not always perfect, when I do live it I am being my best self! And like Mom always tells me, we gotta be our best selves :)
So ya this week as far as actually for once responding to something you said in your emails about the newsletter just go ahead and say: Josh says this: 힘들아야지 발전하고 발전해야지 기쁨을 경험할수 있다.(It's gotta be hard for us to grow, and we have to grow if we wanna experience joy)
That's the story of my mission from day 1. And the great thing is, it's true...but God is gonna help us through it!
Love it. Just absolutely love it here. Please pray for my investigators, my district, my companion, me (if you get the chance). Ask that we can have the spirit and do the things that God wants us to do.
Love ya'll! Have an awesome week!!
Elder Josh

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