Sunday, December 9, 2012

My first week as a trainer/district leader!

It is quite the week we have had! I have been really REALLY focused on trying to do a good job with all the responsibilities that have been put on me. I know that I'm going to make some mistakes eventually but I'm trying my best to make it a good experience for Elder Miller and for my District.
It has been just a busy week. Running all over the places to meet with people and to pick people up and to just do the things that we gotta do as missionaries. We have been having a really good experience teaching one of our Investigators! He has been meeting with the missionaries for a while now and I have been encouraging him to read the Book of Mormon every day. Which resulted in me starting the Book of Mormon again! (So now I'm reading it in two places at once!!) But its such a blessing the Book of Mormon. I love the many blessings that it brings into my life and I love that I can learn about the Savior through it!
This week I have really been learning a lot about the feeling of being inadequate. To explain a little more I have just been stressing about how I am going to try and lead this District and then also somehow train a new missionary. I am fervently praying for assistance and I feel like God is guiding me through little things. I just hope that He will keep it up! I need all the help that I can get.
But ya as far as things go I'll just tell you about Elder MIller. But before I do that I would just like to say it is kinda funny that we have the coincidence of me starting my mission as a Greenie with Elder Miller and the First time that I train I train Elder Milller.... WEeird righT??
Elder Miller is from Missouri and is an only child. He's a really hard worker and is learning Korean like a boss (in fact he's studying right now while I am emailing) It is just a blessing that I have someone who is so excited to get out and work. It is just great. He is learning how hard it is to learn Korean and I am kinda getting an opportunity to fill in those areas of my Korean foundation that were missing! SO it is a great experience for me. He's teaching me a lot!
Anyways I did want to talk about one thing...... Brother 송 got his Baptism Interview!!!! and he passed! BUT he delayed his baptism this week because he wanted his wife to be there! SO he will be getting baptized next week! I am excited for him and am planning to be on him this week before he get's baptized so that he continues to keep the Word of Wisdom because he needs to. But I am confident that he will be good!
So ya, that is the week. Exciting right!? I have been very grateful for all the Letters. From Brother Kahn, from Sister Lysenko, from the family, it has been awesome! It's been great!
Love ya'll so much. Hope you know that! Have an awesome week and I will look forward to hearing from ya'll next week!

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