Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello familia! It was a CRAZY week

So ya this week was absolutely nuts, like I can not even tell you. But ya it was an awesome week and to top it all off it ended on a high note.

So ya! This week was "In and Out" week as we call it in the office as we had all of the new missionaries coming in and send out a bunch of the old missionaries as well. It was an absolutely nuts week. The craziness started on tuesday with the coming in of the new missionaries there were 10 of them 3 koreans and 7 americans and man we threw them under the bus hahaha. It was awesome. We went to the 대전역 to pick them all up and then right from the 역 we made them start 전도'ing. It was AWESOME. I got to go out and 전도 with Elder Jarnagin and elder 조광진.We had an absolutely awesome time. Went around and 전도'ed for a bit then visited one of the members in our ward and ya we were just all over the place! It was so fun.

We then took them back to the office and let them go to the welcome devotional with president and then we went to bed. I feel bad for the two greenies that went with me because we gave them all 5000 won to go eat but we didn't end up going to eat. I think they may have been a little bit hungry but I am not sure haha. It was pretty awesome we worked hard. The next morning we all got to go over to the Mission home and eat a delicious breakfast with Sister Furniss. She made French toast and all of the american goodies and we just pounded all of it it was the best. Then we just had a day full of paperwork. Kinda fun but then we did get to go out and meet with김세환 and we had an awesome meeting with him and it was really really good. I took Elder Bricco (another one of the new missionaries) and went to meet him. It was a good meeting and we commited him to come to church and he said yes! Had an awesome dinner and all then the office elders (Elder 황, Elder 구, and Me) went back to the mission office and set up the beds and then went to go try and find a place to go to shower in the morning (one of the public bathhouses) and ya!

Next day we went to the 목욕탕 and showered up real good and then went home and changed and showed all the greenies their new areas and who they would meet and all it was really fun! Hahaha. We then got out and trained them (I had to give them a presentation about all the money and stuff kinda boring) and then ya! Then the trainers came met their greenies and they were out of there! But that's right about the time that all of the returning missionaries started coming back to the 본부 to go home! So it was pretty ridiculous, we had like probably 30-40 missionaries in the Office and my stress level was SO high (I am slowly discovering that office work is perfect for me because I really Really don't like noise...weird right?) So ya. Got all the going home certificates made and all and got them sent on their way to president and ya! Ate dinner again at the mission home and then Elder 구 and I did all the dishes (that took like 1.5 hrs) and that was pretty much the day.

Next morning got all the returning missionaries on their way and said goodbye and then back to work. Got the check prepared for the week and went to the bank (but because I kept forgetting things we kept having to come home Trust me I learned my lesson) and that was where we had our first miracle of the week. Elder 구 had put something in my bank bag to get all paid and for some reason it didn't work at all...... I was so confused and so we were calling people and all and we just couldn't get it to work. So they were just like "come back later with this one and we'll do it then" so we did that I got everything else paid and we came back to the office and Elder 구 started looking at that payment slip and just couldn't figure out what was wrong with it..... because nothing was.... So as I began preparing the documents I needed to submit to 서울 and everything (speaking of which I just put that in the post bag!) and while I was preparing that I found out that I hadn't planned on that bank slip being prepared at that time. SO as I was reviewing everything it turns out that we were just fine without the slip and because that one slip did not work everything went right for me. Elder구 is still confused as to why it didn't work so we will try paying it again? But ya it was a total miracle to me because I was SO stressed about that (it's the most 부담 a human being can get in this world I think) so ya!

It was good

Also this saturday out of the blue I got a call from 정은주. Now if you remember 정은주 she is the Mother of 황성규 who I baptized in 첨단 ward! She just called me out of the blue and I was so SO HAPPY! AHHHHH, I was so happy to get a chance to talk to her (because when I was a greenie I couldn't understand even a tenth of what I can now) and so it was SO SO good. Ahhhh I loved it so much! WE just talked and talked and talked and it turns out that she is coming up to 대전 to visit 황성규 because he is doing his army service here and she said that we will get to meet at the end of August! AHHHHH I'm so EXCITED!!! Ahhhh I love them so much GAh it was so good!

The next miracle we had occurred on sunday. We were sitting in Sacrament meeting and one of the investigators that we had been teaching that week (성충모) CAME! And he sat through most of the meeting and all and then as we were walking around after the meeting going to visit some people he calls us out of the blue and was like "I wanna get baptized"............... We were like "uhhhhhhhhhh what?" and then Elder 구 explained it to him and it was awesome and he wants to get baptized on Sunday. So we have a date! BUT we have to push it back so we can teach him everything! But he is so cool! I love 성충모! He's so cool. So it really was cool to me because I had been fasting for a baptism in our area this month and then all of a sudden we get that phone call and it was just like. WAHH... it was so cool. It still is so cooL! We have some work to do but still it was so cool!

Just a good week. I decided this week that I wanna be better again (I know your all thinking It's about time) but ya. I decided I am going to be more obedient. I am finding more and more that obedience (순종) is one of the HARDEST things to do 100% but it brings the most blessings. (See D&C 130:20-21?.... maybe?) SO I am carrying around my little "white bible" and I am trying to know it even better! It has been really good and I am really excited But I gotta say it's the little things (like referring to people as Elder and that type of stuff) so ya. Some habits I gotta break BUT i'm definately gonna try! It's so exciting!

SO ya.

I think my favorite scripture this week was in Helaman 3:35. I might have shared it once before but it is just the best (especially with it being fast sunday). Go ahead and read it! I love it. Fasting has such power to it if you do it right (Trust me you can do fasting wrong too) and so ya. It has power, it brings the spirit, it brings miracles. Why? Because it's an act of faith. And As long as there is Faith, There will be miracles. I know that to be true. Give it a shot. Watch the blessings come in your own lives :) I promise you they will!


have an awesome week!
Elder Josh

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  1. Tell Elder Crowther thank you... I'm the Mom of one of those greenies who arrived on August 6th and his letters are so short! But, I prefer to communicate with him in person anyway... (We ran into him in SFO as he was flying to Korea and we were flying home!!)