Monday, September 10, 2012

A busy busy week

Well, hello there family! It was so great to hear from you today and it was an amazingly busy week.

So this next week that is coming up is transfer week. I spent most of the week preparing for the new missionaries which included a long list of things to do: Preparing money, preparing training, preparing stuff... ya, I also had to type like an 8 page talk and stuff. It was a busy week.

But ya we just were all over the place. It was a really busy week. Worked Monday-Wednesday, then all of a sudden on Thursday we got caught in repairing the Furniss's house. Friday we had just a normal day and then Saturday and Sunday we did transfer prep. So as to getting out and meeting with people.... it didn't happen a whole lot this week. Kinda unfortunate but ya take what comes (especially in the 대전 선교부 본부 [Daejeon Mission Headquarters]). But we did however get a chance to meet with our family who lived in Canada. We had a great time and taught them the Plan of Salvation. It was cool to see just how much knowledge that we have as members of the church. People really do wonder about things like where they go after they die, why they're here, where they were beforehand. It really is quite interesting and it makes one really grateful. And it was a great time to get to share it with them!

So ya...I really don't have a ton to talk about this week. We didn't do a whole lot eventful things this week (unless you count repairing the carpet in president's house as an eventful thing).

But I guess I will share a thought that I had while I was attending ZLC this week (I get to go to all the fun meetings so that is fun). But while I was there President went around and asked everyone about what was the one thing that they wanted to share with the people of Korea. As he was going around the room asking everyone and as I had a chance to think about it, I was going through my mind of all the things that I wanted to share with the people here: the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, Book of Mormon, etc... but then the thought came to me: "Ya know, I really wanna share a message about Christ, about His Atonement, and that is it." That was a kinda cool realization, so when President asked me that was what I said. If that's the one message that I can share, that's the one I want to share. I read about the Apostles in the New Testament and how they were proud because they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His [Christ's] name. I am trying hard lately to develop that desire even more. To help people come unto Christ. It is a pleasure to be serving as His servant, and to tell people that He lives. 

Yup, that's about it. Sorry I don't have a lot to talk about this week. I am very grateful to Great Grandpa for the 100$. I bought a very nice Korean book lately that is just the best. I am learning a lot here in the 본부 and I am trying to be really good about studying and always being productive. It's been fun.

Just want you to all know that I love you a bunch and I will do my best to try and get some pictures. I haven't gone anywhere worthy of taking pictures so ya. But I did attach the talk that I am trying to apply in my missionary work of late. It's a really good one (Mom maybe you can use it at the MTC!) But ya!

I love ya'll!!!
Elder Josh 

(P.S. Victoria had mentioned that she'd sent a letter and would like to know if I got it. I haven't yet if you could let her know :)) Thanks!

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