Sunday, September 16, 2012

Well one more week past by and this one took its toll

WOW, this week was crazy. It was transfer week and like I've told you a couple times in my emails home it is really a CRAZY week in the office during transfer week. We had a total of 8 missionaries come in this week and 5 going home. It is always an exciting/sad sight to see knowing the future that is ahead of both. It gives mixed feeling I have got to say. 

So ya this week we welcomed in the new missionaries as well as I got my first Greenie! I know weird right? I'm in the office and training? It's totally weird. Our new senior couple came in this week and they are so cool. They are the Palmers and are from Salt Lake City Utah. Sister Palmer is actually Korean and this is the first time that she has been to Korea in the last 30 years. So I think it is quite the shock for her to be back. Elder Palmer is my Greenie and he is pretty cool. Lived all over the place and is now learning how to be the Financial Secretary here. He is doing a great job and is learning well. It'll be a bit before he will get it all but I think he will get it pretty fast, he's a smart man.

This week was just busy however. People coming in, meetings, trainings, etc. It really gives me kind of an idea of how the Elders did it when I came to the Mission. Quite a fun little adventure. It is so weird, out of the trainers from our mission one of them was at the MTC with me! It is absolutely nuts! It really is starting to hit me when all these new missionaries come in about how far I've come. You really start to feel thankful and a little intimidated by just how far you've come but just how far you have to go.

We unfortuantely were not able to meet with our favorite family this week. They were really busy so they said that they would meet with us next week. Kinda sad BUT we will see them more so that'll be exciting.Hopefully they are reading the BoM and praying like we've asked them too. They would be such a good benefit to our ward!

Unfortunately this week with all the greenies coming in, one of them decided to bring a cold with them from the good ole' USA. And everyone except for Elder Campbell in the office has gotten it. SO I am feeling absolutely wonderful right now. I can't even begin to describe it. I think I'm going to sleep all day today. That would feel nice. Which reminds me of a request I wanted to make. I need a package. I need a package full of Emergen-C (that drink like thing the boosts your immune system) and it needs to last me the winter. I got a cold last winter and I absolutely HATED it. And having this cold right now just reminded me how much I hate being sick. SO if you could send that that'd be much appreciated. 

But other than that I am just plugging along and loving every minute of it (the Mission, not this Cold). I love being a missionary, I am trying to be better and better every day. It is really hard. Like REALLY hard. But It is worth it. Please pray for the people here, pray that they will be led to the missionaries. Pray that we will be able to find them and that they will be prepared. God does lead this work, I know he does. It isn't an easy work, but this work brings more happiness to more people than anything else! I love the opportunity that I have to be here, its the best.

Love ya'll have a great day!
Elder Josh
P.s. the pics are of all the returning missionaries and then one of our investigators who moved to 수원. 
P.P.s. Tell Victoria I did get her letter! Please and Thank You!

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