Sunday, September 23, 2012


Josh is walking next to his first greenie - Elder Palmer 
Well, I am back! 

I have kinda almost gotten over that cold of mine which has been wonderful. Although I am still suffering a little bit from the cough that I have it is quite the recovery process. Infact last P-Day I got a chance to take two naps in one day. I don't think I've ever done that before, but I do know one thing. I will definately be doing it again as soon as I get the opportunity. MAN it was so nice. But anywho (I didn't think I would come to be so much like my dad... weird... hehe) It has been a pretty good week. Me and Elder 구 have talked a lot this week and it's been really good. I really feel like we are getting along awesome anyway he is just like the best but we are even closer now. Cool right?

This week we did have one really cool thing that happened. The man who we baptized a couple weeks ago (if you remember his name is 성충모) he is an absolute stud and the last two weeks he hasn't been able to come out to church (his wife being pregnant and all) and so we haven't been able to see him a whole lot of late. But this last week he came out to Church! And apparently his wife had their baby! Wahhh!!! It was so cool to see him there and to get to see pictures of his son and everything. So cool. But I think the even cooler thing was to see how he has changed over the last couple of weeks. And also how our ward has stepped up to help him out. It has been awesome to see the light that has come into his face and just how he is changing. He looks happier. He is just doing so good. And it is all thanks to our awesome 선교 책임자 (Ward Mission Leader). He is totally doing more than his part in taking care of him. It really helps that He came from a similar background as Brother 성. So they are just doing awesome and I feel like Brother 성  is going to do awesome. He has already said that he wants to bring his wife with him out to church when she gets a little more "mobile." So we are gonna see if we can't bring the whole family into the Gospel. Now that I think about it that's really all we are doing in this area. Meeting with families. Trying to get families. We are teaching that one family that I told you about (who we weren't able to meet with again this week! :(    ), we are trying to help one of the other recent converts introduce us to his parents so we can try and meet with them. It seems like we are trying to do something here that I have never really done before. Hum.... Keep me in your prayers so I can know what to do, I need some GUIDANCE.

But yes I did have a cool opportunity this week to study quite a bit about Joseph Smith. It was really interesting to see just how much stuff that Joseph Smith went through for the church. Not only that but it was interesting to see exactly how hard Satan worked and is still working to stop this work. It is ridiculous to me just how much persecution our church gets. It just strikes me how brutal people were to the early saints, to anyone who desires to believe in this work, even now, it seems that there is always something that has to get in the way. It's hard. I think of the things that they went to and the amazing faith that those early saints had to of had in the gospel. It makes me want to strengthen my faith because I may not be attacked by a mob like Joseph Smith, I may not be driven out of my home like the early Pioneers, but I am going to have challenges that are just as real to me. I wanna be strong in my faith. It is gonna take time and persistance but it is possible.

But as to the rest of the week nothing really super eventful. We are going to a really cool place today so I promise I will take lots of pictures and will send them before P-Day gets over!

Responses to emails: Mom!!! I can't read what place the girls got! You need to get your quality bumped up on your iphone camera! (Ask the girls/dad, or if your feeling tech savy turn it up!) But ya. I actually don't hear from a whole lot of people to be honest. I have some people who I need to respond to (Tyler from college), Nicholas, Chase (But I am hesitant on responding to his because he might be home by the time my letter gets to brazil) Cam and Victoria. Haha, I just kinda need to write some letters. Just buckle down and do it. If I do i'll hear back from people. But ya. I think that Chase, Tyler, and Victoria have been the most consistent (as far as friends go If we include family it is definitely Mom/Kellie). But ya.

Just want ya'll to know that I love ya and I know this gospel is true. I love it, it brings light and understanding into my life and into the lives of those who sincerly study and learn about it. I love ya'll and hope you have an AWESOME week!

Elder Josh!

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