Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hey, guess who lived through 2 Typhoons this week?

ME!!!!!! Yes this week was a little hectic. One of the biggest typhoons in Korean history went up the west coast of our mission on tuesday. And then to back it all up, another typhoon decided to come over the top of our mission the next day! Wah!!! It was crazy... Not. I expected it to be much worse than it was to be honest it was kinda depressing. I was expecting like buildings to be swaying and stuff like that but there wasn't any of that in 대전. Although in 목포 and the Elders were in their apartment on the ninth floor and the building was swaying so bad that one of the elders got like motion sickness.

Crazy right?

But in 대전 there was sporatic bursts of rain and wind. Nothing really worth mentioning. Although I got to say it would have been much MUCH more interesting if I had been down in 광주. Slightly jealous? Maybe a bit. I dunno. It was boring here and I was expecting my first typhoon be like something that I would never forget....BORING.

Anywho, Mom like you expected this week was kinda slow. We weren't able to meet 성충모 this week which was unfortunate but we did get to meet one of our investigators 황준영 a couple times and that was way fun. Although it is really depressing because he is moving to 수원 to my old ward..... :(. Dangit I wanted to baptize him! He is so ready. So so so ready. Just a way cool guy.

But other than that, this week we spent a lot of time in trying to do some reactivation. We have been working with one of the Elders before us's recent convert. He is a way cool guy but just needs a kick in the butt to do anything. So we have been "lovingly" giving him that "push." But hey, he says he enjoys being with us and he came to church for the first time in a month. Which is a definate improvement. So that was way good.

I have just been doing a lot of study recently to be honest. Trying to get good enough at Korean to where I am comfortable with the language (and the only time that I think I will be comfortable is when I know it all...... so I still got a long ways to go). But ya. I have recently (with that awesome 100$ that Great Grandpa gave to me) bought a book to study some Korean with. There is actually a test called the TOPIK which is basically a Korean test for foreigners to test proficiency in the language (I probably need one of those for english seeing as how many times I have used the spell-checker in this email). Unfortunately the don't offer the test in America. But they do in Brazil. So maybe after I get home and stuff me and Chase (currently known as Elder McCloskey) can take a little road trip so I can take a test haha... that makes me laugh... go to Brazil... to take a Korean test... haha

Anyway ya this week was just kinda slow. All our investigators are either getting baptized (which is WAY good) or moving away (which is okay cause he is still in our mission). We did however find this one family a couple weeks ago that we are teaching that is going way well. We have met with them 3 times (they can only meet on weekends) and they are way nice. We teach english and the gospel and they are way cool. The Dad is a doctor and his wife and two daughters lived in Canada. SO we more than teaching english just kinda chat for half an hour cause they are all fluent. Which is nice. But then when we talk about the Gospel it is way cool because the Dad seems way interested. He is a stud.

I have been doing some thinking of late and I decided I need to be more happy and have more fun. I just had this realization the other day that is kinda weird. I don't really feel like I have actually accomplished something unless I have struggled and worked and suffered and given everything that I have to see it happen. I look at the things both on my mission and before and the things that are just kinda handed to me that I just do a little bit and it works don't feel half as satisfying as things that I have to suffer and bleed out of my eyes for. So one of the things that I am gonna try and work on in the future is just being happy. I guess also being grateful would also have to be in there because if I am more grateful I find that I'll probably be more happy. SO ya! Pray for me would ya?

Hey ya'll I love you tons. I love hearing your stories from home (thanks to mom and dad, the rest of ya'll don't tell me a whole lot) and getting to kinda see what kind of people you're becoming while I'm gone. It's a load of fun and so interesting and I'm so proud of all of you (Dad and Mom you're included in that statement). Keep beeing awesome examples to me will ya? I am really grateful for it. I hope ya'll are enjoying reading the Book of Mormon together! I heard you started reading together again and that is awesome! It is such a blessing to read the Book of Mormon. It's true. I love that. I think one of the cool things that I have learned on my mission I have learned with Elder 구. That is the concept of "I cannot deny it." No matter what the world may think, no matter what the people may say/do, I know that Jesus is the Christ, that he is the Son of God, and our Savior and Redeemer. I have felt the power of His Atonement in my life, and I cannot, nor will not deny it. I hope ya'll know that too. I think that one of the verses of "How firm a foundation" says it best: The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose, I will not, I cannot, desert to his foes; That soul, though all hell should endeavour to shake, I'll never no never, I'll never no never, I'll never no never, no never forsake!

Cool right?

I love ya'll hope you have a good week!
Elder Josh!

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